Shop Local!

Shop Local!

Shop local? What does that mean? In an era of the internet and the ease of purchasing online what does it mean to “Shop Local” these days? 

I like to think that irregardless of which state you reside, Pro Line will always be “local” to you. By that I mean that we will always treat you the way you expect to be treated, that you will never be just another customer, and that you’d better believe we will be rooting for your team.

Obviously we have a lofty goal of being the decal of choice here in our home state of Oklahoma. All of Pro Line’s production and design work comes straight out of Norman, OK. I take pride that we handle everything from design to shipping under one roof in historical Downtown Norman. This means that any time you have an issue (and I hope that’s never) you’ll be dealing directly with us instead of a middle-man. 

Thank you all, and have a wonderful off-season!

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